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How big gaps can you caulk
with putty on the bottom of a boat?
- I have caulked the bottom of a 9-meter-long
wooden boat, where the biggest gaps were approx.
1 cm wide and the putty remained in its place.

How much putty do I need for the bottom of a 9-meter-long wooden boat?
- It of course depends on the fact how big the gaps are and if there are gaps on the entire length of the boat or only in some places. We have had gaps in the boat in every seam, and even rather big ones, which means that it takes some 3-5 litres of putty for the whole bottom on both sides.

Is the putty used for the bottom hazardous chemical?
- No, it certainly is not, but instead a Finnish-made natural product.

Can you eat putty?
- You can chew it; I have even tried it, and it doesnít have any taste at all; nevertheless, I recommend you to have some sausage to satisfy your hunger.

What difference is there between tarry and light-coloured putty?
- As far as their characteristics are concerned, there isnít any difference;
a drop of tar has been added to the tarry one, which gives it the
dark colour and the tarry odour, i.e. it is meant for
those who have a tarred boat or a flat-bottom
rowboat, etc. just to fit the style better.